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                                            anyone whose life has been
                                                            touched by adoption"


Adoption Healing

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Adoption Healing... a path to recovery 
Articles, etc.

This addition to the Adoption Healing series is a compilation of all the articles that I have been asked to write in the last year, plus more than a half dozen chapters with totally new material. The articles address specific issues faced by adoptees and mothers of adoption loss and suggest new exercises and methods of healing the wounds while working towards better relationships, peace and contentment.  Additionally, a half  dozen articles from Voices from Exile by Joss Shawyer, author of  Death by Adoption are included.


"Injuries caused by separation of mother and child can, in time and with work, be dealt with effectively to the point where the loss will not interfere daily in our lives.  Instead, the pain might rear it's head a few times a year.  We may need to cry--get a hug and perhaps vent our anger--but the pain will pass more quickly each time."


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