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                                   "This book is a 'must read' for                   

                                            anyone whose life has been
                                                            touched by adoption"

Adoption Healing

Adoption Healing Video

Book review of original Adoption Healing from Journal of Korean Adoption

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Adoption Healing... a path to recovery Supplement

This addition to the Adoption Healing series contains information that was not included in the two originals.  As in the originals, the reader is provided with a description of the  aftermath of the separation of mother and child to adoption and the  profound effects on their lives. This is followed by additional  methods of healing the subsequent wounds, including more inner child work, new visualizations, healing affirmations, anger management and other thoughts and suggestions for healing. Every chapter includes a  summary and  exercises to do on one’s own.

"Injuries caused by separation of mother and child can, in time and with work, be dealt with effectively to the point where the loss will not interfere daily in our lives.  Instead, the pain might rear it's head a few times a year.  We may need to cry--get a hug and perhaps vent our anger--but the pain will pass more quickly each time."

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